Marta Malaman - Psychologist and Coach

Become a Digital Nomad


Do you dream of being able to work from wherever you want but don’t know where to start?

Do you have a talent but don’t know how use it in the digital world?

This is the path for you!

In the collective imagination, the Digital Nomad is perceived as one who lives a dream life, moving among beautiful places and working from poolside, free of problems and worries.

The reality, however, is quite different. 

Embarking on and pursuing this adventure can be quite complex: navigating your way through the many online job offers and choosing the right one based on your values and talents,  coming to terms with uncertainty, lack of stability and frequent moves, and managing to maintain positive social relationships despite this, are all factors that can strain a person’s emotional stability and cause high level of perceived stress.

I definitely have been there too. I’m a Psychologist and Digital Nomad and I have experienced firsthand all the critical issues and problems that come with embarking on this adventure. That’s why I know exactly how to help you. I will follow you step by step through every step of the process. 

In our journey together you will get to:

  • Understand, through specific activities and exercises, what your core values are and how to build a life that relies on them.
  • Find out what your talent, your mission, your Ikigai is and how you can use it in the digital world.
  • Improve your self-esteem and self-efficacy through specific activities.

  • Implement your concentration, productivity and motivation, so that you keep them constant despite changes of scenario.

  • Increase your awareness with respect to your resources and strengths and understand how best to use them.
  • Focus more on the present moment and your goals through mindfulness meditations and visualizations.
  • Be supported emotionally and psychologically in overcoming difficulties and moments of crisis.

Again, the route is flexible: based on the information gathered in the fist session, I will build a costumized path for you, tailored to your needs. The duration is variable: it depends on the person, the goals, and many other factors. In general, it never exceeds 6 months, because my goal is to make you independent and provide you with the tools to walk alone

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