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My method

In my paths you’re the center of the whole process: I will support you in this journey of awareness and change. In my method, you are the ultimate expert of yourself and already have within you all the resources you need to reach your highest self. I will help you to bring them to light and empower them. 

My approach is very practical: I will give you exercises and activities to do in the session and at home, to carry on the work offline between sessions. During the sessions I will also lead specific visualizations to help you achieve your goals and mindfulness meditations, if necessary, to increase your concentration and ability to focus on the present moment. 

I am both a Psychologist and a Coach: this dual nature allows me on the one hand to support you on an emotional level during a time of crisis, transition or change.  On the other we will work together on a concrete plan of action to achieve your ultimate goal.


The duration of my paths is very variable, depending on the person, the goal and many other factors, but in general they do not last more than a few months, because the goal is to make the person independent and give them the tools to walk on their own.

Sessions will take place online, on Google Meet or Skype, and last 60 minutes.

Usually after gathering the information I need in the first session I try to tailor the pathway to the person’s needs: the pathways are flexible and customized.

You can cancel or reschedule up to 24 hours in advance.

You can pay by bank transfer, Satispay or Revolut. 

I always recommend doing them once a week, the work will be more effective and there will be more continuity, but if the person has different needs, for economic or time reasons, I am always flexible.

You will carry out activities and practical exercises both during sessions and at home, to carry on the work even offline between sessions.

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